Maintenance of roads and watercourses

We perform maintenance work in the whole area of the regions Dolenjska, Posavje, Ribnica-Kočevje, and Bela Krajina, which includes over 2,500 km of roads.

We are carefully monitoring and taking care of all types of roads: highways, main, regional and local roads. We are also maintaining city streets. With special equipment, team work and fast responsiveness, we successfully manage all our assignments. We perform annual and winter maintenance services, which enables road users to make fast and, most importantly, safe trips throughout the whole year.

We are specialised for performing professional assignments and preparing project documentations in the field of construction and maintenance of water management structures, and for implementing environmentally-friendly and classical solutions in the field of managing watercourses.

Maintenance of roads is our basic activity that the company performs since its establishment. Professional project planning, construction and maintenance of watercourses are our speciality since over 50 years.

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21st regular general meeting of shareholders of company CGP, d. d.

Pursuant to Article 295 of the Companies Act (ZGD-1) and Article 25 of the Statute of the Company CGP, d.d., Ljubljanska cesta 36, Novo mesto, the Board, in agreement with the Supervisory Board, hereby calls