Quality Management System

Quality has become part of our every activity and work process, from the preparation works and the actual implementation to the completion of the project and the handover to a satisfied client. The fact that high quality is our commitment and our business model has also been confirmed by receiving the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate.

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

The quality management system certificate that was awarded to us at the end of December 2000 by SIQ Ljubljana is an official confirmation that the CGP Group has successfully introduced a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Quality Policy

  • Timely, reliable and high-quality implementation is the basis of our efforts..

  • We are also committed to safeguarding the environment and to realise the environmental policy goals.

  • Our services are adapted to meet individual requirements of our clients and constantly updated to insure their satisfaction and meet their expectations.

  • We manage the defined processes in a targeted manner and we measure their effectiveness.

  • We pursue a cost-effective business and thus we try to perform individual activities as effective as possible, or we outsource an activity as a strategic tool for achieving our objectives.

  • Highly qualified, motivated and devoted employees are the source of our strength.

  • We are constantly improving our quality management system.

Environmental Management System

The latest trends show that the advantage of introducing an environmental management system is not only in meeting the legal environmental requirements and reducing costs, but also in increasing the competitiveness in marketing products and services both on local and foreign markets, and in strengthening brands of individual companies.

ISO 14001:2004 Certificate

With the ISO 14001:2004 certificate, which was awarded to us in 2010, the CGP Group received an official confirmation that an environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 standard was successfully introduced.

Environmental Policy

In the CGP Group, we pay special attention to nature. We want to contribute to a better tomorrow, because we know that nature will be thankful. To live in a natural and healthy environment is a fundamental human right. To perform all activities in harmony with a responsible attitude towards the environment means to provide a more successful future for all of us. We are aware that with every movement of material and with using energy we always influence the environment.

Our environmental management system is included in all our business functions and organisational units of the Group, which includes all areas of activities of the Group: infrastructure construction, building construction, investment engineering, maintenance of roads and watercourses, and production of building materials and products.

All our employees agree to operate in accordance with the requirements of the SIST EN ISO 14001:2005 standard, legal provisions of applicable laws of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union, and other requirements adopted by the Group.

Commitments for the future:

  • To include environmental management goals in our development strategy and annual plans with planned measures, funds and carriers, with the intention to constantly reduce the negative influence on the environment;

  • To recognise and monitor environmental aspects, measure environmental indicators and take appropriate measures in case of any deviations;

  • To provide constant improvement of the environmental management system and to reduce the negative influence on the environment;

  • To pay a lot of attention to developing environmentally friendly building materials and products, to substitute harmful substances with less harmful ones, and to limit the use of environmentally harmful materials:

  • To systematically reduce all emissions with investing in modern technologies and to pursue a rational consumption of energy sources and water, and to systematically gather and recycle construction waste; To provide suitable environmental education and to raise the awareness of employees regarding the responsibility towards the working and the wider environment;

  • To cooperate with internal and external interested parties and to periodically inform employees of the results of environmental assessments.

  • sodelovali z zainteresiranimi notranjimi in zunanjimi strankami ter periodično obveščali o rezultatih okoljskih presoj zaposlene.

Quality Management and Control

Based on internal organisational provisions, the CGP Group has an organised quality management and control system for both own products and the completed work.

The quality control of our own products and implemented work is performed by the Quality and Development Division with two laboratories. The quality of the implemented work is controlled on site by the technical control team. Quality control and all the required research are performed by qualified and experienced professionals using modern, regularly maintained and calibrated equipment.

Based on the internal quality management and control system and in accordance with the Slovenian Construction Products Act, we received production control certificates for all our manufacturing facilities in the CGP Group, issued by the accredited bodies for issuing quality control certificates.