Infrastructure Construction

Infrastructure construction is our traditional activity: roads, new buildings, reconstruction and renewal of roads, bridging structures, sewerage systems, water distribution systems, different roadside structures, landscaping, and other services.

We provide high-quality infrastructure construction by using advanced technologies and by efficiently coordinating all operational units: technical services, construction operatives, mechanisations, warehouses, and specialised units for asphalt surfaces.

By constructing hydroelectric power plants on the lower part of the river Sava, we successfully outlined and started a new direction in the field of infrastructure construction. Providing energy stability is one of the key development challenges of our country. We are very well aware of this fact and that is why we accepted the offered challenge and constructed the hydroelectric power plants in Blanca, Krško and Brežice.

Our advantage is our knowledge and our high technological capacity, which we constantly complement with our efficient organisation, own mechanisation and high-quality raw material sources.

Constructing infrastructure structures is a complex and demanding process in which every small detail has to be taken into account. Every work phase needs thorough preparations, followed by a high- quality implementation.



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21st regular general meeting of shareholders of company CGP, d. d.

Pursuant to Article 295 of the Companies Act (ZGD-1) and Article 25 of the Statute of the Company CGP, d.d., Ljubljanska cesta 36, Novo mesto, the Board, in agreement with the Supervisory Board, hereby calls