Mission and vision


To our clients, we provide complete and high quality services in the fields of civil engineering and construction, maintenance of roads and watercourses, and production of building materials and products. To our owners, we provide suitable return on the invested capital. To our employees, we provide professional and personal development.


Together with other companies of the Group, CGP d.d. will keep its position as a leading service provider in the field of construction and maintenance of roads and watercourses in the region. We will maintain an active presence in Slovenia and enhance our presence on foreign markets.


Our activities are based on thrust, reliable and safe solutions, flexibility and partnership, knowledge and cooperation, and social and environmental responsibility. We create added value for our clients and final users, while providing satisfaction, personal growth and development of our employees.


We respect the past, but we approach the future with tradition, experience, professionalism and financial stability.

We are constantly aware of the fact that our projects have to be of high quality to withstand the ravages of time. Our commitment to tradition and the future, which points our way forward, is the main engine of our business philosophy. We are introducing the importance of sustainability into the increasingly faster development of the modern society: sustainability of our projects basically has to be unlimited, and our creations have to be able to meet all future challenges. With determination and courage, we started to build hydroelectric power plants. We see new opportunities in building the railway network and other energy producing buildings and infrastructure.